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Mike Walder Limited (MWL), based in the UK, provides consultancy services worldwide.

We specialise in providing data storage consultancy services, including:


·        Enterprise Storage

Large scale centralised, monolithic and modular storage arrays, usually >99.999% availability


·        Networked Storage

Both Storage Area Networks (SAN) & Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, including SAN/NAS Fusion


·        Near-Line Storage

Archival storage media, including tape and optical libraries, including zero downtime backup solutions


·        Heterogeneous Connectivity

Connecting multiple types of host, with different operating systems and architectures, to the same storage subsystem


·        Storage Consolidation

Consolidating multiple storage subsystems into a single manageable, scalable, and modular storage infrastructure



The consultancy team at MWL, have developed extensive specialist knowledge,

working with some of the largest storage companies in Europe, including:

·        The #1 storage vendor in the world by market share, FY2001-2002

·        The #2 storage vendor in the world by market share, FY2001-2002

·        The #1 network consultancy company in the world,1999

Our contracts have often required us to work with some of Europe’s biggest Blue-Chip companies,

within the Telecommunications, Financial, Industrial, Commercial and Public Service sectors.


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